With the passing of TITLE IV of the JOBS Act in the United States, equity crowdfunding is going to present a chance for start-ups and small businesses to access capital resources from non-accredited individuals.  The other 93% of the U.S. population will finally have the opportunity to use their money to invest in start-ups and entrepreneurs who share their same goals and values.  This will create an entirely new asset class for the average person, community groups, churches, foundations, institutions and the like.  No longer will you only be able to invest in public companies through stocks and bonds that are controlled on Wall Street. Now you will be able to invest in young, growing companies that can have significant impact on local communities and social and environmental issues.  They are citizen VC investments.

Below are a couple of crowdfunding platforms – both equity and reward based – that I think should be the base of your crowdfunding searches.


Start Some Good






















*Keep in mind, these investments are not liquid.  They can not be sold in a panic or to quickly get some cash back in a pinch.  These investments are for the long haul.