Clara Miller on Building a Foundation for the 21st Century

Clara Miller is President of the Heron Foundation, which helps people and communities help themselves out of poverty. Prior to assuming the foundation’s presidency, Miller was President and CEO of Nonprofit Finance Fund which she founded and ran from 1984 through 2010. In addition to serving on Heron’s board, Miller is on the boards of […]

Bryan Birsic on Finding Your Co-Founders, Techstars, and the Impact of Wunder Capital

Enter Bryan and Wunder Capital Helping folks understand what Wunder Capital is up to and how it can help is what Bryan Birsic thinks about more than anything. Bryan is the CEO of Wunder Capital and brings extensive finance and capital raising expertise to Wunder. From private equity investing at Bain & Company to financing […]

Impact Investing and Socially Responsible Investing: Two Sides of The Same Coin

I think there is too much confusion caused by trying to strictly define and separate Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) and Impact Investing (Impinv). Most arguments aim to define each definition separately based on what they are not, rather than discussing the ways the two overlap and connect. What really are the differences between the two?  […]