A Short Guide To Impact Investing by The Case Foundation

“This guide is intended to help bring newcomers into the game. We hope it helps high net worth individuals, family offices and others to know some of the questions, if not the answers, to determine what’s right for them and what to do next to move toward meaningful, measurable impact.

We kept it short and, we hope, fun to read. We developed a flexible framework and a simple taxonomy to help people get their arms around impact investing.”


Impact Investing 2.0. The Way Forward – Insights from 12 Outstanding Funds.

“This study is the basis and groundwork for the book The Impact Investor. In partnership with many leading impact investing foundations, this study was done to find best practices of leading impact investors, and find ways to bring collaborative capitalism to the many.”


The ClearlySo Guide for the Ambitious Social Entrepreneur

“ClearlySo works exclusively with high-impact businesses, charities and funds. They support their capital raising activity through financial advisory work, and introduce them to institutional and individual investors who share their objectives and values.

Through their investor networks, they connect entrepreneurs with impact investors – and educate new ones. ClearlySo also advises businesses on growth, and on the measurement and reporting of impact.”


Toniics’s E-Guide for – “Global Early Stage Impact Investing

“Toniic is a global impact investor network and platform whose members promote a sustainable economy by investing in entrepreneurs, enterprises, and funds that seek to change the world for the better. This guide brings together lessons from Toniic members and their impact investor peers, who have collectively invested tens of millions of dollars into impact enterprises worldwide.
The goal of this e-guide is simple: to help those with an interest in investing in early-stage impact enterprises learn how this work is being done by their peers from wherever they are in the world. Using “The 7-Step Framework”, this guide aims to help investors, especially those exploring how impact investing compares to their current investment practice, go from learning to action as global practitioners in impact investing.”


From Blueprint to Scale – The Case for Philanthropy in Impact Investing

“From Blueprint to Scale: The Case for Philanthropy in Impact Investing, is a new study by Monitor Group, in collaboration with Acumen Fund, on the role of philanthropy in impact investing. From Blueprint to Scale is based on Monitor’s deep expertise, 60+ expert interviews and 10+ years of Acumen Fund data; it shows how grants are needed to bridge the gap when developing new business models that serve low income customers.

The authors paint a clear picture: impact capital alone will not unlock the potential of impact investing. Because of the extreme challenges facing those who are pioneering new models for inclusive business, truly realizing the impact in impact investing will require more, not less, philanthropy, and will need that philanthropic support to be delivered in new ways.”

Frontier Capital Report by The Omidyar Network

Standing at the convergence of impact investing and venture capital, Frontier Capital focuses on low- to lower-middle-income people in emerging markets.  This report underlines the immense potential of new business models to serve these populations, generating both outsized impact and strong financial returns.  The report also underscores the need to segment the lower-middle-income opportunity by matching the right investors with the right investment opportunities.