The purpose of The Impact Investing Podcast and companion blog is to act as a resource of connection, information, and virtual mentorship for those who want to learn more about impact investing, and social and environmental entrepreneurship.

Whether you’re an experienced investment professional, a non-profit manager, a brand new angel investor, seasoned social or environmental entrepreneur, or someone who is just interested in learning more about these growing fields – I promise, you will find something of value here.

I’m on a mission to dissect and uncover the best practices and latest developments in all forms of Impact investing. I’ll be interviewing the leaders in the field, and giving listeners an opportunity to be a fly on the wall for what are hopefully useful and engaging conversations. From the finer details of how to make socially responsible investments, to the bigger philosophical questions practitioners are facing in the industry, the overall goal is for everyone to learn more.

So join me, and through podcast interviews, essays, blog posts and collaboration, let’s learn how to get started tackling the big problems, and make Impact investing the default form of investing.